• Navis offers a suite of capabilities designed to help you get your business operating at full-throttle.

We accomplish this through a suite of service offerings broken down in to five core capabilities

Strategic Planning

Understand your environment.
Clarify your motivation.
Assess your capabilities.
Plan your strategy.

​Business Modeling & Architecture

Architect your business.
Model your processes.
Design customer-focused solutions.

Workforce Planning, Alignment, and Development

Align your crew.

Cascade your goals.

Develop your leaders.

Sales and Marketing Excellence

Market to your best accounts.
Grow your sales. 
Improve customer intimacy.

Process and Technology Performance

Improve your processes.
Assess your performance.
Deploy the right solutions.


Identify your guiding star and visualize your destination. Chart your course and identify key ports of call.

Navis can help you identify your corporate Why (your principles and mission), clarify your What (your vision, goals, and capabilities), and build your How (your strategy, tactics, and milestones). 

1. Situational Awareness Assessments
Understand your environment and competition. 

2. Business Motivation Modeling
Clarify your motivations, outcomes, and roadmap. 

3. Capability Modeling
Define and assess your business capabilities. 

4. Strategy Planning & Mapping
Plan your strategy based on the above.

Let Navis help you plan your journey so you aim at the right destination. 

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Design your architecture to suit your voyage. Model your processes to improve your speed. Design the right solutions to inspire your customers.

Navis can guide you to design your business architecture, processes, and products so they align with your strategy, accomplish your goals, and deliver value to your customers.

1. Business Model Design 

Architect your business. 

2. Value Stream & Process Modeling 

Model your processes. 

3. Customer Journey Mapping  

Understand your client at each step along the way. 

4. Product & Service Design 

Design target-focused solutions. 

5. Project Portfolio Selection 

Select and manage the right projects.

Let Navis help you design your ship to meet the needs of your voyage.

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Assess your crew complement needs for the voyage. Lead and inspire them with a worthy destination and clear objectives so they can give their best. 

Navis can help you create an aligned, motivated, and productive crew so you can reach your destination faster.

1. Workforce Planning
Select the best crewmembers and ensure they are aligned with your purpose.

2. Employee Journey Mapping
Understand your employee’s needs at each stage of the voyage to create a clear path for their growth.

3. Goal Alignment & Cascading
Cascade your goals throughout the organization so your crew is aligned with your purpose.

4. Leadership Development
Develop your leaders so you have a pipeline of talent ready to lead the crew.

Let Navis help you align and motivate your crew so you row in the same direction.

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Identify your target customers so you can communicate clearly. Enable your crew and customers with the tools they need. Establish lasting relationships that earn you repeat visits.

Navis can help you clarify and communicate effectively with your target customers so you can grow your sales.

1. Account-Based Marketing

Market to your target accounts.

2. Sales Growth & Enablement

Grow your sales and enable your sales crew. 

3. Customer Relationship Management

Improve customer intimacy.

Let Navis help you enable your sales and customers so you can grow your business.

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Reach your destination faster by improving your processes and systems. Measure your progress so you can adjust course if needed. Facilitate your journey with the right technologies.

Navis can help you improve your processes and systems to increase your speed, and measure your performance so you can correct your course.

1. Process Improvement
Improve value-delivery in your processes.

2. Business Analytics & Reporting
Assess your performance.

3. Technology Assessment & Innovation
Deploy the right technology.

Let Navis help you measure and improve your performance so you can stay on course.

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