• Your CRM can be the cockpit to drive your business

    Let Navis help you configure yours properly so you can steer confidently toward success.
  • Create a clear roadmap for your future

    Navis understands business models, strategies, and structures and can help you craft a roadmap for growth.
  • Align your core processes for success

    Navis can help you align your processes so they effectively execute your strategy, helping you avoid collisions.
  • Leverage the right platform to boost your growth

    Navis can deploy and integrate Zoho One so that it gives a boost to your business, allowing you to take off.


Solutions from strategy through execution 
so you can steer confidently toward sustainable growth.

What is Navis?

Navis means “ship” in Latin, and ships go on journeys. Each business is like a ship in that it is an integrated enterprise striving toward a destination and requiring steering.  Just as the captain and officers steer their ship - so do the CEO and top officers of a business. Yet they sometimes need help to get their ship navigated in the right direction. 

Why Choose Navis?

Navis provides consulting, training, and technology solutions from strategy through execution to C-level leaders and their teams. Our experience and depth in the value chain allows us to provide unique insights about business models, strategy, business processes, CRM technology, and organizational performance. We help hold you and your team accountable so you can steer confidently toward growth.​ 

How We Engage

Most customers come to us with a specific challenge they are trying to overcome or capability they wish to improve. We conduct a deep dive into your needs and discover what outcomes are needed. We then offer a range of potential solutions, agree on a course of action, and execute with a passion. 

At Navis, we help leaders take back control of their business by:

  • Clarifying business models, architectures, and strategies.

  • Advising how to uncover customer needs to differentiate product value propositions.

  • Optimizing business processes to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Advising on sales growth and sales structures.

  • Producing sales and service playbooks and training.

  • Deploying and supporting advanced technology solutions.

  • Keeping teams accountable for follow-through.

Get your ship in orderTM

Consulting, Training, Coaching

We offer a suite of capabilities designed to help you get your business strategy ramped up quickly and operating a full-throttle so you can achieve your growth targets. No bull, no slick salesmen, just good business architecture, effective strategy, and awesome execution.

Zoho Services

Zoho One is like a booster rocket for your business. With more than 41 awesome apps in the suite this powerful platform gives any small- or mid-size business the power to punch up, quickly. Check out how we can get you going in no time.
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Comm'ant Services

Comm'ant is the enterprise process, quality, and compliance management platform for the modern business. It gives leaders the power to make process agreements tangible and to integrate documentation and policy requirements into your processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance.

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