• O Captain! 
    Where does your business go?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Steering a business is complex. You need a clear course, strong capabilities, an aligned crew, and effective processes to enable the voyage. Navis helps you get your ship in order so you can reach your destination quickly.
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Solutions from strategy through execution 
so you can steer confidently toward sustainable growth.

At Navis we help leaders 
steer their businesses 
toward sustainable growth by:

  • Clarifying motivations, models, capabilities, and strategies.
  • Aligning and improving organizational structure so it can execute more effectively.
  • Assessing and recommending workforce improvements to better align with strategy and capabilities.
  • Optimizing value streams and business processes to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and value delivery.
  • Improving sales and marketing, optimizing workflows, and drafting playbooks.

What keeps your business from success?

Many organizations have not done the necessary work to design and align their 'ships'. They've waded out into open waters on multi-year journeys in the equivalent of dinghies, often times with inappropriate navigation systems, crew complements, offerings, and processes. 

Does your business suffer from one of the following common maladies?

Lacking a compelling North Star?

Your business' motivation is the essence of who you are - it's the Why of your journey. At Navis, we help leaders define their purpose and set their destination, so they can be clear on their course. Find your guiding star and then pursue it with a passion!

Ill-defined or ill-equipped architecture for the voyage?

The design and structure of your capabilities - and the flow of value through your business - can either be your greatest asset or your biggest weakness. At Navis, we can assess and fortify your architecture to ensure it sustains your voyage, getting you to your destination efficiently. Shore up your business structure to sustain the voyage!

Team not rowing in the same direction?

Your crew needs to be working on the right things at the right time - collaboratively and in line with your vision. Navis can help you align your team with your purpose and strategy to ensure you are all delivering your best. Get your crew rowing in the same direction!

Processes and technology inhibiting rather than facilitating your journey?

Your business can't achieve escape velocity if it is hampered by inefficient processes or misaligned technologies. Navis can help you create an integrated and effective platform that will allow your business to boost its performance so you reach your destination quickly. Get your business aligned so you can punch up!

Why Navis?

Navis means “ship” in Latin, and ships go on journeys. Each organization - whether a business, association, or agency - is like a ship in that it is an integrated enterprise striving toward a destination and requiring steering.  Just as the captain and officers steer their ship - so do the Executive and top officers of the organization. Yet they sometimes need help to get their ship navigated in the right direction - to get their ships in order.

Why choose Navis?

Navis provides consulting, training, and technology solutions from strategy through execution to C-level leaders and their teams. Our experience and depth in the value chain allows us to provide unique insights about business models, strategy, workforce requirements, business processes, technology, and organizational performance. We help hold you and your team accountable so you can steer confidently toward sustainable growth. 

Our offering

We offer a suite of capabilities designed to help you get your business operating at full-throttle so you can achieve sustainable growth. We accomplish this through strategy transformations, business architecture tune-ups, workforce re-alignments, and process and technology improvements.

How we engage

Most customers come to us with a specific challenge they are trying to overcome or capability they wish to improve. We conduct a deep dive into your needs and discover what outcomes are needed. We then offer a range of potential solutions, agree on a course of action, and execute with a passion.

Get your ship in orderTM