Get your ship in order

We find many C-level leaders are challenged with one of the following: clarifying their strategy, growing their revenue, or aligning their teams and processes so they can execute successfully. So Navis created a blended services and solutions model that helps leaders think deeply about what’s important to them, act decisively to generate revenue, and cascade effectively their strategy so everyone is aligned. We’re passionate about helping leaders align their organizations so they can steer confidently towards their objectives, towards growth. 

Navis means “ship” in Latin, and we believe that nautical metaphor is appropriate for a business. Each business is like a ship in that it is an integrated enterprise striving toward a destination and requiring steering. Just as a ship’s captain and officers steer their ship toward its destination  so do the CEO and top officers of a business. Yet they sometimes need help to get their ship in order. 

Through our integrated delivery model we provide a combination of consulting, training, technology, and support services that help you:

  1. Define and integrate your business model, strategy, and operating model so your ship’s architecture is leakproof
  2. Align and empower your people, processes, and technology with your strategy so your crew rows in the same direction
  3. Renew, innovate, and distinguish your product offering so you satisfy and even surprise your passengers
  4. Expand your sales and market presence so you book more voyages
  5. Operationalize excellence in your business so your customers depart consistently with smiles on their faces

Achieve your objectives and transform your organization confidently by aligning your people, processes, and technology with your strategy. Let us help you get your ship in order!