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Strategy and Architecture

Business Strategy and Architecture

Many businesses have unclear goals and strategies, or ill-defined plans to operationalize them. We help our customers architect their end vision and goals  and define the means to attain them — so they can align their businesses and execute on their plans.

Creating a successful business requires knowing your destination and following a clear plan of action.  Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have that clarity, having instead foggy visions and goals (ends), and even murkier missions and strategies (means). The impact can be exponential: misdirection on your ends will make your means ineffective, misdirection on your means can carry you orders of magnitude away from your ends.

Navis helps you clearly define your business motivation, business model, core capabilities, and execution strategy so you have a guiding star to light your journey and an effective compass to maintain your course.

Our offering includes a blend of consulting, training, technology, and coaching services, tightly integrated and balanced to achieve optimal effect. 

Specific capabilities include:

  • Business Modeling and Business Architecture
  • Business Capability Definition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations and Execution Model Definition