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Sales Growth and Enablement

Sales Growth and Sales/Service Enablement

Sales Growth Consulting

Many businesses have high sales objectives but poor sales execution.  We help our customers improve their execution capabilities so they can deliver on their sales objectives. 

During our sales transformation engagements we will work closely with you to take a deep look into your sales, your sales structure, your team, and your sales process to better understand the factors that are limiting your growth. We'll then make recommendations on how you can improve, frequently in the areas of sales management, seller and manager training, sales process improvements, and personnel decisions. Our goal is to help you create a repeatable selling system that creates predictable sales revenue. 

Our core capabilities include:

  • Sales Growth Analysis
  • Sales Process Assessment
  • CRM and Strategy Alignment

Sales & Service Enablement

Sales and service enablement is an important aspect of sales growth and customer retention. Even the best sellers and customer service people can fail if they are not enabled with the right tools, messaging, and techniques. Our Enablement engagements help you create a smooth user journey  which we often bake in to your CRM  so your sellers and service team can perform like rock stars when in front of the customer.  Enabled sellers have the information they need when they need it, so they can sell more, sell faster, and save significant time. Enabled service people can resolve issues quickly, attend more clients, and achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Sales Enablement Assessment
  • Sales Playbook Creation
  • Customer Service Playbook Creation
  • Sales Enablement and Workflow Automation in CRMs