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Comm'ant - Enterprise Process, Quality, and Compliance Management

Comm'ant's modern IDEF0 implementation facilitates organizational process alignment and documentation
Comm'ant is the enterprise process, quality, and compliance management platform for the modern business. Comm'ant gives business leaders the power to make process agreements tangible and to integrate documentation and policy requirements into your business processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance. 

Why Comm'ant?
With Comm'ant's modern, web-based enterprise modeling software, you will be able to model your entire business in one integrated view. 

Primary Benefits
With such a holistic vision, leaders will be able to steer the business effectively and sustainably toward objectives.

  • Improved product margins and overall profitability
  • Improved product and service quality
  • Reduced fixed and variable costs
  • Reduced risk and impact/increase recoverability
  • Increased processing speed
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Reduced working capital needs

Core Capabilities

Comm'ant offers four primary capabilities for the modern enterprise:
  • Process modeling, alignment, and improvement
  • Document quality control and management
  • Policy control and compliance
  • Workflow and reporting

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Comm'ant's unique SIPOC view allows users to map out every relationship within their enterprise, and externally
Comm'ant's document artifact generator clarifies what inputs and outputs are necessary, when, where, and with what detail.
Comm'ant's Function and Role Matrix puts your RACI matrices to shame (or on steroids)