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Comm'ant Solution Consulting

Comm'ant Solution Consulting

Comm'ant shows you how all of the pieces of your organization are connected.

Comm'ant is the enterprise process, quality, and compliance management platform for the modern business. The solution is unique in the market in that it gives business leaders the power to make process agreements tangible and to integrate documentation and policy requirements into your business processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance.  If you want to "get your ship in order" then this is the tool to start with. 

IDEF0 (Icam DEFinition for Function Modeling)

You may recognize the above image from Comm'ant as an adapted IDEF0 model. While some process consultants have abandoned IDEF0 in favor of BPMN2.0 and Value Stream Mapping (primarily due to the lack of a good IDEF0 tool) we believe they all have their place and time. Indeed, IDEF0 provides unique levels of insight into the process architecture of an organization that no other methodology or tool can provide. 

Comm'ant's improved IDEF0 implementation allows you to create a clear connection between your processes,  your organization, and with external processes (e.g., your customer's buying journey or your partner's engagement journey with you). These unique capabilities make Comm'ant a distinct powerhouse in the industry for any organization needing to document their enterprise business and process architecture in a systemic and integrated way, whether for certification (e.g.,  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, CMMI) or just for good business management. 

We offer the following core capabilities with this service:

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Solution Training
  • Enterprise Process Modeling 
  • Enterprise Documentation and Compliance Modeling
  • Quick Start Documentation Engagements